Welcome to the Manchester Soccer League (MSL)


The MSL is a new Youth Soccer League formed in the Fall of 2020.  There are no geographical boundaries for players to play in the MSL, anyone from any city or town can register and play.

The MSL is developed by the founders of the Manchester Flag Football League (MFFL) with history of 10 years operating a successfull Youth Sports Program.

The MSL will play games and hold skill development at the following fields in Manchester:

Livingston Park - Gatsas Field (Track)

Piscataquog River Park

What is the MSL?

The MSL is focused on providing simple and basic youth soccer with elite skill development and instruction while offering a competitive league for players and teams.


The MSL will function under the National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS) Soccer Rules.  These are the same rules that apply to our local high school soccer through the NHIAA.

Why is it important to use NFHS Rules vs every other soccer league that uses US Youth Soccer or FIFA Rules?  For the simple fact that our league is promoting soccer development for our youth to move on and play at Hillside Junior High School, Parkside Junior High School, McLaughlin Junior High School, Southside Junior High School and West High School, Central High School, Memorial High School or any other Middle School or High School.

The MSL is a Youth Recreational League and is not about clubs or organizations that travel, we are offering a simple and basic soccer experience for players to play soccer.

For players who play in our league and want to experience premiere soccer clubs, we are exclusively partnering with   to offer a pathway to improve skills and advance to next level soccer.


The MSL will operate differently than other Youth Soccer Leagues in New Hampshire by offering age divisions based on skill and not a birth date.  We do not categorize players by their date of birth such us U8 or U12.  Our belief is we will match kids and place teams based on the combination of age and skill level.  A player can always move up or down in any division at any time per the request of the parent or guardian and MSL approval.